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The South African business environment is a highly monopolistic one in which new business start-ups and small to medium businesses often struggle to compete with large, dominant companies. Once established, it is equally difficult to access the expansion capital and resources necessary for them to grow and mature beyond a certain size. At Innovative Solutions Group, we understand the challenges faced by fellow entrepreneurs and are passionate about assisting you.

We provide effective outsourced services and solutions in the following areas:

  • staffing;
  • finance and administration;
  • broad-based black economic empowerment; and
  • guarding

By outsourcing these business functions to us, we enable you to concentrate on what really matters – growing your business.


We are proud of our history. We are proud of our clients’ growth, some whom have been with us since the day Innovative Solutions started up as a Human Resource consultancy firm in our founder, Arnoux Maré’s lounge.

Arnoux had one objective in mind: to take this small idea and turn it into a successful, growing business which held the potential to create tens of thousands of jobs, in turn supporting hundreds of thousands of South Africans. With big dreams, strategic thinking and hard work, the business grew rapidly within a year to include two Gauteng-based offices and two subsidiaries.

Five years later, Innovative Solutions Group now has offices nationwide and 17 subsidiary companies across various fields of industry.

The growth of the group in its first five years has been truly exponential and remarkable. Part of the company’s success is remaining true to its unwavering philosophy of employing the right people for the right job, and always following the right business model.

We are an entrepreneurial business at a moment in South Africa’s history when this country needs small business start-ups, which is our target market. However, the Innovative Solutions Group also assists equally with medium-size and large companies – primarily because many of our clients have grown substantially under our stewardship. We have all grown together.

The basis of our Group is the idea that outsourcing is the key to business success. For instance, why should a firm of lawyers be occupying their time employing cleaners, security guards, IT technicians and secretaries or spending excessive hours on balancing their books when they should be maximising consulting hours at a far higher rate of revenue? The same principle applies in almost every sector of our economy.

We believe that business owners and entrepreneurs should have trustworthy service providers who act as their proxy, assuming the same level of responsibility and accountability as the company itself would, had it been providing the service. In the same vein, we have grown rapidly both organically and through acquisition by seeking out individuals and companies who share the same vision as we do. Such entrepreneurs have the guts, instinct and brilliancy of ideas to start their own business. With our resources, our expanding group of companies have found that they can grow faster, while simultaneously providing Innovative Solutions Group with a broader portfolio of offerings to take to each client. There is a single word which describes all our subsidiaries and the quality which separates us from our competitors – passion.


Passion and innovation. While some other companies do what we do, few do offer the same level of dedication and energy as we inject into serving our clients’ interests. During our five-year history, we have never reduced staff numbers. We are constantly growing.

We understand that this industry is all about relationships – we are trusted by our staff, by our clients, by organised labour and by our suppliers. We have highly-trained contract managers and we make sure that we better any targets on a service level agreement. Our contract managers are on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week; we don’t keep office hours. While the industry standard  is that an employee query be addressed within five days – we insist on doing so within 24 hours. We believe that a happy work force is a productive one, which makes for a happy client.

That is just one of our many unique selling points.

Outsourcing is a worldwide phenomenon. The typical entrepreneur or small business owner is everything rolled into one. But business today has become an intricate science that requires a host of specialists that no small business owner can afford or ignore. We can assume responsibility for all that – certainly at a lower price and more efficiently than any single person could.

The goal of Innovative Solutions Group is to not have customer service that is the best, but customer satisfaction that is legendary!

If your business needs help, outsource it to us!

More about the Innovative Solutions Group

Fostering a culture centred on excellence across the group, our Group prides itself in performance, innovation and entrepreneurial vigour


Our Subsidiaries Include:

Innovative Accounting Solutions (IAS)

By outsourcing finance and accounting processes to Innovative Accounting Solutions, companies have found they can access resources and best practices otherwise beyond their reach. In choosing to do business with us, we assist you in developing better benchmark and baseline financial processes to help your company meet all its regulatory requirements. Simplifying and standardising finance and accounting processes is a key characteristic of well-run companies. Among the variety of outcomes this provides, our consulting division ensures you will not pay one cent more tax than you are legally obliged to, thereby freeing up your cash flow.

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Innovative Guarding Solutions (IGS)

We provide intelligent guarding and high-risk response security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our solutions range from commercial and residential security alarm systems with related value-add features that protect and inform; to manned guarding; vehicle patrolling and company risk management strategies. Our intelligent, electronic and communications-based security systems range from CCTV and IP surveillance, access control and electronic asset surveillance systems combined with risk management services.

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Innovative BEE Solutions (IBS)

We assist companies to comply with Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) regulations and simultaneously enhance their business efficiency through improved scorecard ratings. Our driving goal is to help and educate our clients on how to affordably integrate B-BBEE policies, social responsibility initiatives and enterprise development into their strategic vision and operations. Our objective is to encourage sustainable business growth and social development among companies who strive for an improved rating, and who regard B-BBEE processes as an important economic objective for South Africa.

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Innovative Staffing Solutions (ISS)

As a middle-income country, South Africa has an abundance of low-skilled and semi-skilled workers, who, at times, can be a challenge to manage. Conversely, skilled workers and those in managerial positions are in high demand, short supply and are expensive to retain. Staffing a business can therefore be time-consuming, taxing, demanding and often wearisome, when management ought to be focusing on the core competencies of the business. Innovative Staffing Solutions offers an alternative to this dilemma by assuming responsibility and accountability for your staff, ensuring they are trained, proficient and suited to your specific business’ needs. We boast unparalleled human resource and industrial relations expertise to manage your staff and recruitment processes. In fact, we manage over 5,500 employees and have never experienced a single incident of labour unrest.

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